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Celebrate the journey of your life and consider sharing your cherished memories. We think those memories are far too precious to exile to a scrapbook or a drawer. Display wedding and graduation programs, childhood memorabilia, rare and beautiful stamps, intricate puzzles, and posters in a professionally crafted frame. Every time you see them, you'll get a good feeling as you fondly remember those beautiful events in your life.


Do you have a treasured item or items that you have tucked away for safekeeping? Would you like to house them safely and put them on display? We can help you do just that with our Shadow Box frames, which are a beautiful and practical way to showcase your special mementos. These types of frames are different in that they have the depth to house not just flat items-like an art print or a photograph-but three-dimensional objects as well. More and more, we find Shadow Box frames getting popular in preserving valuable family keepsakes. Let us do it for you.








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