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there are only a few commitments and purchases that are intended to last an entire lifetime. Cars break down; homes need repair; furniture requires upkeep. Yet, in nearly every home, there is at least one picture that is in its second or third generation of being displayed, outlasting its purchaser by many years. It's part of our culture that we expect ... WE DEMAND ... that art lasts a lifetime, yet rarely do we consider the care of the picture moulding or picture as part of our routine upkeep.

For this reason, conservation museum framing is critical. Unfortunately, not all shops that frame pictures practice museum framing.. Conservation museum framing preserves and protects the artwork from external damage. Acids found in the paper or inks can often cause the artwork paper to get weak and brittle, and conservation framing may not be able to save the print. But conservation frame may be capable of prolonging the print's life.

It is now time to visit your Professional Picture Framer, not a salesman at a big box store, for answers to your framing needs.


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